Become FF Citizen

Become FF Citizen

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You hereby express your interest in gaining citizenship in Forever Fleet, as soon as this is possible.

Expressing such interest is without obligation, and the payment solely used to discourage spamming.

You immediately gain access to the Member section of and can participate in the planning.

Citizens will be invited as soon as the nation of Forever Fleet is officially recognized and can provide proper citizenship with a fully formed statute and the ability to provide passports - every new citizen can by then decide whatever they want to apply for citizenship, with the privilege and responsibilities it entails, or just stay a non-citizen member.


Citizens will only be admitted to Forever Fleet as resources permit, ensuring that all admitted citizens are well cared for - this may result in a long waiting list for the first few years, and we are in a rush due to the climate crisis. We have solved this dilemma as follows. 

Since Forever Fleet will grow faster the more economic capital (as well as human capital) we have early on, we admit citizens in the order of first admitting those who have paid the most earliest on. We multiply your payment with 2 for each month gone since you paid.

This means that if you paid EUR 3 (effectively by buying three citizenships for yourself) 4 months ago (making us count your EUR 3 as EUR 3 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 = EUR 3 * 2^4 = EUR 3 * 16 = EUR 48) you will be admitted before one who paid EUR 1 at the same time (since his EUR 1 will be only counted as EUR 1 * 2^4 = EUR 1 * 16 = EUR 16). BUT if he ordered 6 months ago, his EUR 1 will be counted as EUR 1 * 2^6 = EUR 1 * 64 = EUR 64, which is greater than your EUR 48, so he will be admitted before you.

This system means that rich people who wait until we are launching the first ships in a few years will first be admitted much later, despite paying hundreds of thousands of EUR, while poor people paying just a single EUR early on are ensured a citizenship relatively quickly even though they can't pay much (for example, after 1.5 years = 18 months, a EUR 1 citizen will be counted as EUR 1 * 2^18 = EUR 262,144).

This in turn ensures that some rich people will pay much early on to ensure themselves an early citizenship. While this may seem to be the unfair power of money at play, this really is good for all the poor since it is these early big payments which ensure that Forever Fleet can be established as quickly as needed.

In this way our system serves to grant the very rich an early citizenship in return for great funds, which in turn means that the few rich pay for many poor to be able to become Forever Fleet citizens. As so much else this is not perfect, but it is scientifically sound and as such good enough!

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