Become FF Investor

Become FF Investor

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Investors in Forever Fleet support the sustainable economy of Forever Fleet with sizeable liquidity, to kick-start the services provided and back the value of FFseeds.

All investers together get returns from 10% of Forever Fleets total resource income.


Small but crucial investments are needed early on - we are in a rush to accellerate due to the climate crisis! And we have previously demonstrated our abilities to earn big money quickly with few but timely resources, so investors coming with big money in late years are of no use to us.

We have solved this in almost the same way as we admit citizens: Since Forever Fleet will grow faster the more economic capital (as well as human capital) we have early on, we count investments as higher the earlier they were paid. Until you have a 10x return (1000% ROI), we multiply your investment with 2 for each month gone since you paid.

This means that if you invested EUR 3000 (effectively by buying 3000 of this investor item) 4 months ago (making us count your EUR 3000 as EUR 3000 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 = EUR 3000 * 2^4 = EUR 3000 * 16 = EUR 48000) you will gain a proportionally bigger share of the 10% than one who paid EUR 1000 at the same time (since his EUR 1000 will be only counted as EUR 1000 * 2^4 = EUR 1000 * 16 = EUR 16000). BUT if he invested 6 months ago his EUR 1000 will be counted as EUR 1000 * 2^6 = EUR 1000 * 64 = EUR 64000, which is 1/3 greater than EUR 48000 so he will gain 1/3 more in return than you (so if you were the only investors, and the 10% comes out as EUR 14000, he would gain the EUR 8000 and you EUR 6000).

This system means that rich people who wait until we are launching the first ships in a few years will gain a much lesser share of the Forever Fleet resources paying hundreds of thousands of EUR, while early investors paying just a few thousand EUR early on are ensured a great return quickly and will not easily be watered down by later massive investors (for example, after 1.5 years = 18 months, a EUR 1000 investor will be counted as EUR 1 * 2^18 = EUR 262,144,000 or more than EUR 262 million - but only until 10x the EUR 1,000 = EUR 10,000 had been paid, after then the investmen will be counted 1:1 with all other investments having reached 10x return).


This in turn incentivises big investors to pay even just a little much earlier on than they would normally do, to ensure themselves a great return from even a small timely investment.

While this may seem to be the unfair power of money at play, this really is good since it makes it possible that Forever Fleet can grow as quickly at all as quickly as needed.

In this way our system serves to grant all investors a great upside compared to their investment and timing, which in turn means that Forever Fleet gets the best possible funding. As so much else this is not perfect, but it is scientifically sound and as such good enough!

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