Become FF Co-founder

Become FF Co-founder

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FF co-founders are the backbone of getting the first experimental FF ships developed, bought, equipped and deployed, and the ships will carry the name of the co-founder if preferred so.

Each co-founder is secured immediate citizenship and a place on the ship he/she/it helped fund or any other ship prefered (assuming the inhabitants of the ship in question accepts this).

Co-founders are obligated to provide at least half time (20 hours per week) without wage for 5 years OR pay single-handedly for the ship they get their name on without any resources committed to it from Forever Fleet until its deployment.

Acceptance of new co-founders is done on a case-by-case basis by the Forever Fleet leadership (for the time being the group of co-founders, as well as one representative from United Nations and Purpose Foundation respectively), with the EUR 1000 being a refundable deposit to ensure sincerety in all applications - regardless of the applicant being accepted or not, the deposit will be returned if all information provided checks out. Only in the case of fraudulent information will the deposit not be returned.

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