Time Schedule

Below is the estimated time schedule for the implementation of Forever Fleet Nation.

NOTE that this is very dependent on specific negotiation results and external function, so may change quite a lot both for better and for worse. Any significant change will see an update to this list, a comment about the change from the author and result in a mail to those following it.

2019 - Forever Fleet established as temporary foundation. General design, component trials and tests for first FF prototype vessels. Negotiations with United Nations about the final implementation of Forever Fleet Nation (FFN) and details of the governing principles.

2020 - First stationary FF demonstrator LIVING vessel featuring general living and production concepts deployed in Copenhagen Harbor. The FF Seeds digital currency is launched for use primarily by FF employees and partners.

2021 - First mobile FF prototype LIVING vessel undergoes sea trials and numerous tests of all equipment and organization. Probably a modified nuclear ice breaker bought used. Development of FF INFRASTRUCTURE and FF INDIVIDUAL vessel prototypes begin.

2022 - Forever Fleet Nation is established with United Nations sanction, based on first mobile FF prototype, anchored outside 200 nautical miles zone of any other country, probably in the Atlantic. First final citizenship, passports and basic income provided.

2023 - Forever Fleet embassies will be deployed as prototype and show-case vessels in harbors in any countries acknowledging Forever Fleet Nation, with many of the first citizens serving as ambassadors. FF is paid technology licenses by third parties.

2024 - First purpose-built FF LIVING vessel undergoes sea trials and numerous tests of all equipment. First FF INFRASTRUCTURE and FF INDIVIDUAL vessels are tested.

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