Preserving science and culture

Facing the risk of society collapse, be it local or global, an often overlooked part of the humanitarian work needs to be preservation of hard-gained knowledge, be it of scientific, cultural or personal nature: Loosing ones past can at times be as bad as loosing ones future.

Every time societies have collapsed in the passed, huge swatches of hard-won and important knowledge has been lost to humanity - knowledge which we still today in many cases have been unable to recover or recreate, and which could be of good use or interest. As such the Forever Fleet is to be equipped with the means and missions to collect and store science and culture, as part of the Plan B: Each major ship will be equipped with powerful data centers and the means to enter as much information as possible in there. This not only means that Forever Fleet will store its own backup version of the World Wide Web with as much detail as possible at any time, but also that resources will be dedicated to able to studying, scanning and backing up many real world wonders and details, big and small. The data will be shared among the ships in a random backup pattern, so no data can be lost for good as long as Forever Fleet exists. The same procedures secure the constant access to and correctness of FF Seeds currency and ownership records under digital FF Contracts.

This massive archive of data also makes Forever Fleet well-equipped for facilitating online education and research in almost any subject, when the data are combined modern online-education systems such as Kahn Academy and Singularity University.

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