Methods & Ethics

Climate change and societal collapse were allowed to get this far, because scientists were overheard and overruled by populists and dictators.

As such the Forever Fleet is based on a scientific and humane approach to every challenge, from the designs of its ships to the governing of its global nation and anti-demagogue policies.

This means that the scientific method is applied to all subjects, with reproducible results published and acted on no matter how problematic they may be for the status quo or leadership, and opinions disregarded as nothing more than ideas to be tested regardless who voices them.

Still, humans are by nature not rational, nor are ethics a matter of science, and some of the best ideas in human history were not scientific in nature. While some of the worst atrocities on Earth, have been committed under the guise of science.

As such the Forever Fleet is also based on the most dignified and far reaching understanding of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, extending the rights to also include creatures who are deemed at least near-human in consciousness, starting with Cetacea (whales) and octopi.

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