Introduction to our work - take a deep breath

Forever Fleet is an ongoing project being forged by resourceful individuals for 10+ years under many different names, and now finally coming together and taking publicly visible action in 2019.

The severe results of the climate crisis are now being felt around the world, with previously extreme weather becoming the new normal. And this is just a first physical warning of what is to be experienced in the coming decades, regardless of what we do about CO2e levels etc.; what we reap now is the harvest of 50+ years of willful ignorance, and it will take 50+ years to undo.

To many this is a cold - or rather very hot - bucket of water to the face! And yet no solutions exist.

As such Forever Fleet is becoming more and more relevant, with the understanding that current nations can do little to nothing to reverse the current situation driving more and more people to other solutions, including refugees, climate strikes and mass civil disobedience in face of failing politics.

That also means the Forever Fleet has for many now gone from being seen as a way for the rich to avoid responsibility and flee, to become one of the only realistic tools for preserving civilization on Earth for the coming centuries while giving the rich a practical and fulfilling way to stay safe while helping the entirety of the world - not just to care for their local societies which will sooner or later face risk of collapse, but also the poorest populations who will be hit the hardest by the climate crisis.

As such the summer of 2019 has become the staging point for implementation of Forever Fleet.

Now a massive work of fact checking, integrating and optimizing plans and actions lies ahead of us during the next 6-12 months - please excuse the constructive mess in the meantime and know that many details may change in this period, but feel free to interact and be safe in the knowledge that the core goals and ethics stand firm: A safe and free international society at sea, from which we can help all civilizations survive and progress through climate crisis and societal upheaval.

Currently the focus is on accumulating the vast scientific knowledge and verified experience from all subjects and walks of life, which are the foundation of the Forever Fleet plans.

This knowledge will be accumulating on the blog here and available for commenting, uncensored but with admins to remove obvious spam and trolling. In cases of doubt, we would rather leave a troll alone than risk muting a reasonable but aggressive or otherwise unusually articulated voice.

In parallel we are continually increasing the economic foundation for Forever Fleet, both through internal activities and the continued creation of partnerships, sponsorships and investments from people all around the world.

We have much to do and little time, so with that said: Thank you for joining, even if for now you are just looking and learning.

Dive into Forever Fleet and I'll see you around!

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