How does the central governance work?

The leaders of all distinct inhabitant groups (usually one for each ship) meet every year.

Here they decide on distribution of resource dividends, any changes for the few Forever Fleet Nation laws, judge in disputes between vessels or decide upon sanctions (with the least being a reduction in UBI and the harshest being forced exile from Forever Fleet Nation) against an inhabitant or a vessel that has been found in conflict with the law.

Any such decisions require an 80% agreement among the Forever Fleet leaders, with 1 vote per vessel of at least 100 people. Changes to the Forever Fleet Charter require 80% agreement among Forever Fleet leaders and must be sanctioned by the United Nations, meaning it will very rarely see any change.

With sanction from the United Nations (or similar international cooperative if the UN should no longer be active), Forever Fleet Nation can also decide upon taking direct action against international threats to Forever Fleet.

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