How do groups and individuals gain resources?

Anybody in Forever Fleet are free to earn their own resources and money as they see fit, in addition to getting a share in what fleet produces and acquires, and some vessels may distribute resources in a similar way while other vessels act as companies with owners and investors - Forever Fleet Nation does not tax anybody, and indeed almost does the opposite; provides all its inhabitants with a basic income. Instead Forever Fleet earns as an investor.

A fleet of resources, overcapacity and emergency aid:

Besides being able to provide for its own inhabitants, many Forever Fleet ships are equipped with overcapacity and bandwidth to produce everything from fresh water and clothing to electronics and broadcasts, as well as to effectively recycle almost anything.

These goods and services, as well as manpower and knowledge, will be used by the Forever Fleet vessels to help in disaster zones (often with UN payment) and/or sold/bartered in return for goods that cannot yet be manufactured on the ship or in Forever Fleet Nation.

Forever Fleet Nation will primarily earn its central resources as investor:

Each vessel, company or individual that receives an initial investment from Forever Fleet is required to provide a contractually agreed percentage of all money and resources it produces or otherwise gets access to, usually 11-50%.

A good example is the Forever Fleet demonstrator Najland, which can return as much as USD 20.8M in profits after 20 years, effectively giving Forever Fleet a ROI of 6% per year.

The basic income for all inhabitants:

All vessels and inhabitants are provided with a basic income in the form of the Forever Fleet Dividend, which can be used both for internal trading and exchanged for foreign currency, such as USD.​ How such a digital basic income currency works and is practically implemented is explained well in both overview and deep scientific details on, where there are also guides to how it can be tested with a few simple SMS or PC access.

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