Here, in the Frequently Asked Questions section, we try to briefly answer the most common inquiries.

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Forever Fleet already partially works on this, through our Kelp Carbon methods.

But even if today in 2019 we found even better ways to cool our climate, it will take 25-50 years or more for the climate to adjust due to heat sinks in the ocean, sea ice, permafrost, etc., and will cost billions of dollars which nobody seems willing to pay.

Reestablishing these heat sinks may take centuries and until then the effects of climate change will still be severe, and climate refugee streams and needs massive.

As such Forever Fleet is a good initiative to reduce the risk and effects of societal collapse around the globe, even if we can hopefully reverse climate change, and with the zero-emission policy Forever Fleet will be a good example for others to learn from.

TIME SCHEDULE (click link for details)

2019 - Established as foundation. Design, component trials and tests for first FF prototype vessels. UN negotiations.

2020 - First FF demonstrator deployed in CPH Harbor. FF Seeds digital currency is launched.

2021 - First mobile prototype LIVING vessel undergoes sea trials and numerous tests of all equipment and organization.

2022 - Forever Fleet Nation is established with United Nations sanction, based on first mobile FF prototype, probably in Atlantic. First final citizenship, passports and basic income provided.

2023 - Forever Fleet embassies deployed. FF is paid technology licenses by third parties.

2024 - First purpose-built FF LIVING vessel undergoes sea trials and numerous tests of all equipment.

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Foundations and the people working in them have limits and liabilities. Depending on the nation they are registered in, they are bound by the laws of that nation (laws which often collide with the full human rights).

Secondly, lobbyists aiming to misuse such a foundation can easily cripple a state-bound organization through local politicians. In any case a state-bound organization risks loosing its coherence during societal collapse of the state(s) it is registered in.

Last but not least, a non-state cannot take on the responsibility of refugees and stateless, to grant a nationality, citizenship, passports, etc. Therefore a true nation state established in cooperation with United Nations is the strongest starting point for Forever Fleet.

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There is no significant unclaimed or uncontested land left on Earth on which to establish a nation, whereas artificial islands in the form of ships outside the national waters of any state can quickly be recognized as a nation without upsetting the international diplomacy.

Well-built self-sustainable ships in waters without major tsunamis are also safe from almost all natural disasters, as well as most of the risks of societal collapse. With Forever Fleet meant to help wherever needed due to the climate crisis, in many cases due to rising seas, the ships will be needed for this anyway, making them an efficient combined solution.

The ships' size limits ensure that maximum populations in direct contact with each other are limited, reducing the risk of internal conflicts.

Forever Fleet will have many other kinds of vehicles for both water, airborne and ground use, as dictated by the situation. Perhaps most notably, Hybrid Air Vehicles will be used for moving containers and people wherever and whenever needed.


Forever Fleet Nation (FFN) can declare its territory anywhere no other nation has claimed influence - which is basically only possible outside the 200 nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone of other countries.

This means that areas such as the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and most part of the North Atlantic are off-limits or impossible to get into and out of (except by permission from controlling nations, as ambassador or temporary visitor).

Much of the rest of the world's seas, especially the oceans, are however wide open for Forever Fleet Nation to declare territory by having a permanent presence, usually by a FFN vessel permanently anchored from which the FFN Exclusive Economic Zone is projected.

Click the link below to see an illustration of the world-wide 200 nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zones already in existence. Anything white is where FFN can claim territory.

Government Building


Forever Fleet makes use of the vast science on tribal communities: We establish small, free, safe and efficient societies on each ship, with great freedom and influence for every inhabitant to mold the ship each are on.

Each ship decides upon its own method of government, usually some form of democracy or leadership by a captain, but many other options exist as long as they uphold the few laws of Forever Fleet Nation and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its most encompassing interpretation.

Each ship’s inhabitants can decide upon their own sub-laws, with each ship effectively acting as a free city-state or tribe within the Forever Fleet Nation.



The leaders of all distinct inhabitant groups (usually one for each ship) meet every year. 

Here they decide on distribution of resource dividends, any changes for the few Forever Fleet Nation laws, judge in disputes between vessels or decide upon sanctions (with the least being a reduction in UBI and the harshest being forced exile from Forever Fleet Nation) against an inhabitant or a vessel that has been found in conflict with the law.

Any such decisions require an 80% agreement among the Forever Fleet leaders, with 1 vote per vessel of at least 100 people. Changes to the Forever Fleet Charter require 80% agreement among Forever Fleet leaders and must be sanctioned by the United Nations, meaning it will very rarely see any change.

With sanction from the United Nations (or similar international cooperative if the UN should no longer be active), Forever Fleet Nation can also decide upon taking direct action against international threats to Forever Fleet.

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The one right always guaranteed in Forever Fleet, besides the UN Decleration of Human Rights, is the right to demand to change ship (with your container home and belongings being moved to another ship within or outside Forever Fleet) or be placed on land with enough equipment to be self-sustained for at least 10 years.

As such, in the Forever Fleet you will never have to stay in a place you do not feel safe or accepted, and always have the right to find another place to live without loosing your security and opportunities.

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Anybody in Forever Fleet are free to earn their own resources and money as they see fit, in addition to getting a share in what fleet produces and acquires, and some vessels may distribute resources in a similar way while other vessels act as companies with owners and investors - Forever Fleet Nation does not tax anybody, and indeed almost does the opposite; provides all its inhabitants with a basic income. Instead Forever Fleet earns as an investor.



A fleet of resources, overcapacity and emergency aid:


Besides being able to provide for its own inhabitants, many Forever Fleet ships are equipped with overcapacity and bandwidth to produce everything from fresh water and clothing to electronics and broadcasts, as well as to effectively recycle almost anything.

These goods and services, as well as manpower and knowledge, will be used by the Forever Fleet vessels to help in disaster zones (often with UN payment) and/or sold/bartered in return for goods that cannot yet be manufactured on the ship or in Forever Fleet Nation.


Forever Fleet Nation will primarily earn its resources as investor:

Each vessel, company or individual that receives an initial investment from Forever Fleet is required to provide a contractually agreed percentage of all money and resources it produces or otherwise gets access to, usually 11-50%.

A good example is the Forever Fleet demonstrator, which can return as much as USD 20.8M in profits after 20 years, effectively giving Forever Fleet a ROI of 6% per year.


The basic income for all inhabitants:


All vessels and inhabitants are provided with a basic income in the form of the Forever Fleet Dividend, which can be used both for internal trading and exchanged for foreign currency, such as USD.​


How such a digital basic income currency works and is practically implemented is explained well in both overview and deep scientific details on www.UBIseed.net, where there are also guides to how it can be tested with a few simple SMS or PC access.

Boot Camp


With enough electrical power, salt water can easily be made drinkable, and most of the fresh water already onboard is cleaned and recycled through the food production facilities on the Forever Fleet vessels.

In fact the specially designed FF ships are often equipped with fresh water capacity equaling 10x the needs of the inhabitants, to be able to provide great amounts of fresh water to disaster areas.

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Thanksgiving Dinner


With plenty of fresh water and sustainable electricity, the Forever Fleet ships will produce food with indoor robotic farms and automated incubators to make meat and dairy from stem cells, ensuring ethical and non-polluting dining for all inhabitants, as well as generous overcapacity for use in mitigating climate disasters.

Inhabitants can buy whatever food they want with their resource dividend, and cook it themselves, cook together with others or go out to eat on the ships where chefs, bakers, etc. have decided to make a business or hobby of their talents.

So almost regardless of how you choose to eat, be it as omnivore, vegan, for medical or religious reasons, there will be plenty of healthy tasty food in Forever Fleet, and more than enough to share.

Environment Pollution


There basically is no such thing as 'waste' in the Forever Fleet, with the vessels designed to retain and reuse everything.

Big holds will be used to gather and robotically sort waste, not only waste from use by Forever Fleet inhabitants, but also thrash scooped from the ocean and received from waste dumps around the globe for free in return for keeping much of the resources therein.

When not helping with disasters, the surplus energy of Forever Fleet ships is mainly used to sort through this waste, extract useful materials, reform raw materials and feed necessary production, as well as eliminate the toxicity of any last remains for isolated storage on land where it can do no harm. 

Power Plant


To provide for the inhabitants, Forever Fleet ships need a stable power source, for propulsion as well as to help societies in climate crises with water, food, energy and production the ships need a great stable power surplus.

Nuclear power has the greatest EROI (Energy Returned On Investment) besides hydro power, meaning that it costs the least resources per unit of energy produced, is scientifically safer than all other energy sources, has as close to zero emission as anything today (and negative emissions when combined with CCS - carbon capture and storage) and has a long and superb track record for use in sea going vessels.

By extracting uranium from the surrounding seawater, the fuel supply is abundant. Nuclear is far from perfect, but as energy source it is currently the scientifically best option we have for Forever Fleet.

There is however a societal stigma and psychological fear of nuclear power, which may lead to some FF vessels being powered by different means based on their inhabitants' preferences.

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FIRST DEMONSTRATOR SHIP (click link for details)

The FF vessels need to keep their inhabitants safe, healthy and happy, using limited resources.

The FF Demonstrator vessel is intended as a first physical representation of Forever Fleet, as well as a hands-on example to make our intentions and plans easier to understand.

Deployment will probably be in Copenhagen Harbor, based on current agreements.

NOTE that information here is courtesy of Maersk Broker, who has helped find the vessel, as well as a handful of equally good alternatives. This particular vessel may have been sold before we can close contract on it, but in that case many similar exist for our use instead.

The 'donor vessel' to be re-purposed is a typical mid-size (105m x 16m, 4400 tons) container feeder ship, built in 1989 and today still trading between Finland and Sweden. She is however today not very fuel-effective and her value in the market (est. USD 1.3M) is little more than the scrap value (est. USD 1M).

Due to her diesel engine and low single-hull survivability in case of an accident at sea, the ship is not suited as a true Forever Fleet vessel. She will never sail with the housing modules in place and will spend almost all her time at harbor with landside electric power and permanent gangway; her use is to test and demonstrate the Forever Fleet equipment.

Individual living space is provided with modules of 30 m2, 45 m2, 60 m2 and 90 m2. These modules are readily available, resource effective in both production and use and have been tested for almost a decade in climates from the Nordics to Dubai.

As a rental complex, the ship has after 30 years gained a profit of 13M. This results in a ROI of 6% per year - that is better than the stock market's average 5.5%, and here secured in tangible assets.