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“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil,
but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

Albert Einstein


If we do this right, we can create a voluntary nation and scientific society better than anything else available today...

Many different crisis (climate, economy,etc.) and events (asteroid, super volcanoes, etc.) are threatening human civilization. It matters not what the final risk is, but that it is there.

Even if civilization collapse does never occur, major disasters happen all the time, from tsunamis to wars, and already today need resourceful responses all around the globe.

As such humanity needs a global institution to mitigate the damages of disasters and related suffering as much as possible, while preserving the science, arts, culture, skills and technology already developed by humanity and necessary for progress.


"When we do the best we can,
we never know what miracle is wrought in our life,
or in the life of another."

Helen Keller

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Forever Fleet is a global society, to be based on vessels designed and equipped to handle all the challenges of climate change and social collapse for its inhabitants, while enabling these inhabitants to help the rest of the world recover and progress despite major disasters of any kind.

The Forever Fleet will provide knowledge, experience and skill, as well as education, development and production capability where needed the most, to secure the progress of humanity globally.


Soon Forever Fleet Nation (“FFN”) will become the first truly global nation, with all the rights and responsibilities this entails on the decks of its ships and anchored isles.

For the elite and scientists, the FFN will be a safe space, a path to progress and a way to undo damages done to world, while for the poor, the marginalized refugees and everyone in between, Forever Fleet will be a sanctuary of greater resources and freedom from oppression, without damage to the environment.

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Example: Soeren O. Ekelund, co-founder of Forever Fleet

(For the full introduction and my documented track record, as relating to the pictures, please look here.)

I am a mix of calculating reason, high empathy and what some call insane courage, with an intuitive understanding of complex systems.
To date I have worked in-depth with almost all knowledge, skills and contacts needed for Forever Fleet Nation.

My special talent lies mainly in learning, fast: Be it nature, society or technology, I research and understand almost everything quickly and from a multitude of perspectives – and if we want this great society on Earth to be sustainable, we need to become much better at understanding everything from all the possible perspectives, and acting upon that understanding with all the resources we have available!

I have experienced more than most my age, but has as many others had big dreams, made great sacrifices, met uncompromising resistance, done things I'm not proud of, cared for many, suffered many losses, saved a lot of minds, been wounded in the process and healed up.

I have lived in peace and seen much conflict, I have been rich and I have been among the poor.
I don’t care what others think of me, and have always done what I find right. Never however have I been mean, and never have I given up, no doubt also due to good friends everywhere.

There is almost nothing I cannot figure out or make happen, also because I know how little I know and seek help from specialists when needed.

Those traits and experiences together have made me who I am: An incredibly resourceful and understanding person bent on making the world better for everybody, whatever it takes!

And I plan and work to live a very long and happy life, together with many constructive inhabitants of all kinds, from this beautiful world.

But first we need to ensure it stays beautiful and free for all – and I ask you to help me with that, as much as you can.

Welcome to Forever Fleet Nation!


In the Frequently Asked Questions section, we try to briefly answer the most common inquiries.

From governance of inhabitants to food supply, ship design and how to leave Forever Fleet should you ever want to, and much more, you can get a lot of answers here. And if you have further questions, just ask us!


We want Forever Fleet to be the best it can, so ask all with knowledge within society, technology, seafaring, survival culture, international diplomacy, etc. to join us and help create humanity's life-raft and first fully seaborne nation.

This is NOT meant as a forum for opinions, but for factual co-creation based on science and vast experience.

If you think you see a problem or have a solution, speak up!


We honor the United Nations sustainability goals, with Forever Fleet acting within every one of them.


Become a citizen, supporter, investor or co-founder


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We signed the Pro-Truth Pledge:
Please hold us accountable.

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Soeren O. Ekelund

Decision Scientist

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